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Just Like A Debit Card

Popular Global and Local Payment Methods
Easy application
Zero learning curve
Up to $50,000 daily spending

How To Use MODEN Card

Simply top up your card with your cryptocurrency of choice, then spend as you please
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You receive
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Multiple Choices

High limit

Daily consumption
limit up to USD 50,000

VISA integration

Pay to any merchant that
accepts VISA payments

Global support

Supported in over 176 countries and 50 million merchants worldwide

Low cost

Free KYC process
No foreign exchange fees and annual fees

Fast transactions

Deposit & exchange without delays

Easy to use

Easy to operate and master

Application Process

Four steps to have MODEN Card

MODEN Account
Wait for Process
Successful Application

Application Process

Four steps to have MODEN Card

MODEN Account
Wait for Process
Successful Application

A Network Full Of Yield

Earn Big Rewards While Using MODEN Card

Works Like A Charm

Hotels, Restaurants, Shopping, Groceries, ATMs.
Use your MODEN Card anywhere

Spend your cryptocurrency
anywhere in the world

Use your MODEN Card in over 50+ million
merchants worldwide


MODEN Card is a comprehensive consumer card that integrates cross-border payment, consumption, asset storage, and fast exchange. It can be used in more than 176 countries, over 50 million merchants in the world by connecting crypto currency with fiat currency. MODEN Card provides you with perfect and smooth payment experience for shopping, entertainment, travel and other consumption around the world. MODEN Card is easy to apply for, and can get rid of card frozen. Crypto currency can be converted to fiat currency in real time after being deposited to MODEN Card, eliminating cumbersome processes and the inconvenience of paying cash. The safety of payment is guaranteed, and consumer privacy is protected by law. MODEN Card creates a new scenario of financial payment that is easy to use, convenient, flexible, and highly secure.
  • Receive, store, exchange BTC, ETH, USDT and other currencies
  • Withdraw cryptocurrency to your personal bank account
  • Use crypto currency to pay in daily life
  • Open company accounts and accept payment in crypto currency
  • Fast Deposit: Deposit & exchange arrived without delay
  • Simple Process: Easy application, simple operation
  • High Limit: Daily consumption cap limit of USD 50,000
  • Global Payment: Available in over 176 countries and 50 million merchants worldwide
  • Apply for MODEN Card
  • Submit KYC documents and pass the certification
  • MODEN Card received
Both virtual cards and physical cards support online payment once linking to the third party APP, while physical cards can also be used in most ATMs and POS terminals. The virtual card can be activated and used within 48 hours, and the physical card generally takes 1-2 months for production and delivery.

Virtual card can be applied for free online, no KYC required, no country restriction, 0 threshold (the best guarantee for bad credit), no annual fee, 24-hour from application to use.

Physical card: The highest consumption limit on the entire network, $50,000/day to no upper limit. Support deposit of all kinds of mainstream currencies with super low fee and fast speed. It can be linked to PayPal/Google Pay/Apple Pay, etc.
When the status of your card is displayed from 'applying' to 'creating', it means that the card is being produced. Generally speaking, it takes 1-2 months (without the interference from force majeure such as epidemic and customs deduction) for physical cards to be produced and sent. If you haven’t received your package after the estimated time, you can provide your email address for the customer service and ask them to check. If your card has been sent, the customer service will give you the tracking number and the URL available for inquiry.
Enter the MODEN Card page, and you can select the applied card to deposit. The currencies currently supported for deposit include BTC, ETH, USDT, and more will be supported in the future. On the working day, the deposit will be completed within 24 hours, but on the non-working day, the deposit processing will be postponed to the working day. For USD physical card, the first deposit will be automatically deducted a certain amount for the annual fee of $100.
MODEN Card supports the use of most Internet platforms, but those platforms need to support VISA and MasterCard payment. If there is any unsuccessful payment, you can contact customer service for help by providing the screenshot, card type, and the card issuing email.